((greetings and salutations my most noble and esteemed followers. as promised, in honor of reaching (and now even surpassing) 2000 followers, i will be doing a giveaway here on the blog. during mark’s august charity livestream, the main item of merch was the tiny box tim plushies. i bought two… one for me, and one for one of you peeps. the winner will get the plushie and a goodie bag filled with the most random / fun stuff i can find at the dollar store. because buying random stuff i exactly what you do as an adult with your money (idk, mark does it, buying florp and tiaras and the ilk). it’ll probably be spoopy stuff because it’s almost halloween.

the rules:

  • like / reblog to get an entry. reblog as many times as you’d like for entries. no giveaway blogs, of course, but hey, i don’t actually care if you spam your followers with entries because maaaaaan i’m not gonna tell you how to run your shit, yo.
  • please be following the blog. this is meant as a treat for said followers. 
  • you have until october 11th (saturday) to enter. as in it will close at 11:59:59pm on october 10th. the winner will be announced later that day. if you win, please respond as soon as you can with your email and address so i can get it to you.
  • no regional restrictions here. i’ll ship anywhere. just know that international shipping will take a little longer, of course. 

that’s about it. nothing too fancy. if this blog continues to do well in the future, i will certainly organize some more grandiose and festooned giveaways. 

thank you all so much for making this blog awesome. -bs))






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